Assig. object
furniture model
English Name
chair and table set
Rohingya Name
sat kum

Md. Ekram Hossein




Woodwork (WDW)



Inventory no.

sat kum is a furniture set. Sat means set and kum means chair. A sat kum can also be called gaasor kum after the Rohingya word gaas meaning tree or wood.


This furniture set includes four chairs — two short and two long — and one table. In Arakan, these chairs are made of the best quality timber such as shagowaan, hatal, howri, ful or zawrail.  Almost every Rohingya household in Arakan has a sat kum in the living room for guests to sit, family to relax, and students to write and study. Sat kum are usually given to a bridegroom as a wedding present. They are also set up at the wedding hall for guests to sit. 


These days, sat kum can be found in all shapes and sizes, with beautiful, different designs. A proper sat kum which can last for many decades, takes an expert carpenter's skill and experience to make. It can be very expensive costing up to 300,000 Kyat. Though many inexpensive plastic table and chair sets are available in the market today, Rohingya people still prefer their beautiful wooden sat kum. This sat kum is a scale model miniature made from wood.

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